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Our Car boots offer a valuable resource for secondhand, unwanted, recyclable goods. We support house clearance traders and private individuals in providing an approved location where secondhand household goods can be bought and sold. 


For many private sellers, car boots are the perfect place to off load their personal property after a 'clear out’, and it’s an opportunity to raise small sums of money to fund a new project or cause. For others, it’s a very sociable pass-time and, if you can make some extra dosh for the ‘kitty’, all the better!  But for house clearance sellers, car boots are an absolute necessity.  

Research has shown that car boots today are an essential resource for buying and selling surplus secondhand household ‘stuff’, that  would otherwise find it’s way into landfill. 

Car boots today, have a huge following amongst keen British booters where small thriving communities of thrifty entrepreneurs are flourishing in all corners of the country 


The term "car boot sale" refers to the selling of items from a car's boot, similar to a ‘trunk’ in the US.  A relatively  small proportion of sellers are professional traders off loading their latest clearance, week by week.  Most of the goods found at car boots are used personal possessions, and they attract volumes of buyers, looking for something that catches their eye. Something that they can reuse, repair, recycle, resell and rehome.

Who doesn’t love a good haggle or a bargain?

Turn Up Bright and Early and Trade Like a Legend

Antiques · Vintage · Retro · Mid-Century · Contemporary 

Don’t all these names mean the same thing?

Any item that is collected or desirable because of its age, beauty, rarity, condition, utility, personal emotional connection, and/or other unique features is a type of treasure. It is an object that represents a previous era or time period in human history and holds more value to the one who has a nostalgic connection.

You'll see many of these eras represented as you search for furniture, artwork, homeware or clothing, and a styles timeline can be a handy way to date the items you see. The more you know as you browse in our boot fairs, the better you will be at making decisions about buying and selling.

A Styles Timeline Can Help You Shop

The 5 main styles and how to distinguish between them


Antiques are defined as items that are over 100 years old. Antique furniture is often identifiable by its more ornate, handcrafted look and there are many different eras such as Art Nouveau - 1896-1914, Neo-Greek/Eastlake - 1855-1890, Rococo Revival - 1845-1870, Victorian - 1830-1901, Empire - 1805-1830, just to name a few.orian - 1830-1901, Empire - 1805-1830, just to name a few.


Vintage loosely refers to items between 20 and 100 years old. Simply being old does not make any furniture or clothing vintage in the technical sense, even though most people use the term old and vintage interchangeably. To earn the title vintage, the piece should also be an example of what defined a particular style of that period.


Less specific than other furniture/fashion styles and tends to refer to something that is culturally outdated or aged in a style that has since come back in style. Retro is bold in colour, kitsch and funky in shape from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Typical of this era are lava lamps or an orange fabric armchair and materials such as Formica and Melamine were common during these periods.


If you like clean lines and organic shapes, then this era will catch your eye. A design style that was popular from the mid-1930s to the mid-1960s where pieces like tables, desks, and storage cabinets were generally crafted from hard woods such as Teak, Rosewood and Oak due to its properties of richness in colour and durability and which is currently experiencing a renaissance.


What defines a style as contemporary is that it’s the style that’s trendy and cool and happening right now.

Contrasting to modern design, contemporary  is continuously evolving. It takes heritage and DNA from a variety of historical styles, and it has the additional benefit of blending in of the latest trends in technology, materials, and versatility.

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